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Safety at work

Safety at work is the preventive discipline which applies the necessary measures in order to detect, eliminate and/or reduce risks regarding workplaces, installations and work equipment. These measures are decided after the analysis of the work conditions.

Regarding security, Fahrenheit consultors offers the client:

• Study about the risks at workplaces, establishments and installations of services and protection.
• Safety signs counsel.
• Analysis of risks´elimination and reduction preventive measures.
• Planned security inspections.
• Elaboration and establishment of the labour risks prevention plan.
• Investigation of serious, very serious and mortal accidents.
• Information and training for workers about safety at the workplace.
• Preventive information for the prevention delegates and the company´s management.
• Security Coaching.

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Industrial hygiene

Industrial hygiene is the group of procedures destined to control the environmental factors which can affect health at the workplace. Therefore, our measures tend to reduce or eliminate occupational diseases at the workplace.

• Information and training for workers about industrial hygiene. .
• Specific studies about physical agents: temperature-humidity conditions, lighting, vibrations, radiation and noise.
• Specific studies about chemical contaminants: gases, vapours, aerosols.
• Specific studies about biological contaminants: fungus, viruses, bacteria.
• Hygienic measurements.
• Accidents investigation.


Our professional team´s extensive experience will allow a suitable valuation of the man-machine-environment interaction. For that purpose, our professional team will value the work conditions in each case. Those conditions will change according to the personal characteristics and the workplace´s factors.Equally, the type of work and its duration will be valued. Therefore, our team will value the workplace and will determinate the most suitable analytical method to propose appropriate corrective measures. The study will be focused on the sphere where the work and services are developed:

MICROERGONOMIC: design/redesign of the position.
• Determination of the ergonomic priorities in order to prevent occupational diseases.
• Study about the physical load.
• Study about works with exceeded effort.
• Studies about works with repetitive movement.
• Information and training about ergonomic for workers.
• Planning of Ergonomic studies: forced postures, exceeded effort and repetitive movements.
• Design and redesign of positions.
• Positions Analysis and description. Profile diagram elaboration.
• Redesign of positions with data visualization displays.

• Completed organizational design.

Applied Psycho-sociology

Our professional team studies the existing interactions between: On the one hand: Work, its environment, job satisfaction and its organizational conditions. On the other hand: The worker´s abilities, his needs, his culture and his personal situation outside work. All these, through perceptions and experiences, may impact on his mental tension and conduct which may produce weakening, rejection or other type of occupational dysfunction. These variables will also impact on the worker´s health, performance and job satisfaction.

Our team of psychologists analyses and proposes solutions which adjust the worker´s internal factors to the company and also the workers´external factors to prevent risks of mental tension. These dysfunctions´ expressions are stress situations, anxieties, phobias, among others which may reduce the worker´s abilities, the interest in the company and produce mental and physical exhaustion.

It will be studied the worker´s personal characteristics, his possibilities of social interaction, his psychical and sensory abilities, his culture, his habits, etc. at the workplace and how some works under pressure, in social isolation or public attention may impact on him. Depending on the case, the company´s external factors, the worker´s family environment, neighbourhood, friendships, etc. must be evaluated to known in depth the case and propose appropriate corrective measures.

• Information and training in applied Psycho-sociology.
• Work´s mental tension.
• Study of the psychosocial nature´s factors.
• Stress and psychosocial problems.
• Internal violence at work: mobbing or labour harassment.
• External violence at work: Robbery.
• Expert report of applied psycho-sociology.