Action field | Specific training

As it is established in the Article 19 of the Law 31/95 the entrepreneur must guarantee that each worker receives sufficient and suitable theoretical and practical training regarding prevention, at the time of recruitment as well as when there are changes in the worker´s position. The training must be focused on the position.

To this end Fahrenheit consultors develops training actions to satisfy our clients´s needs. It means that the training must be related to the customer´s objectives and the preventive regulatory framework. For that purpose, we work with the client by elaborating programmes, planning their content and methodology according to the participants´profiles. We believe that only with the improvement of the risk perception, we are able to produce changes in their attitudes and abilities. As a consequence, we may contribute to the company´s preventive change management.

Main services

  • Diagnosis of the training requirements..
  • Development of Plans and Programmes about the specific training according to the position, departments or sectors.
  • Design, teaching and evaluation of the full attendance or semi-attendance Training Actions.
  • Design of training manuals and other Didactic Materials.
  • Design of Security regulation and file cads.
  • Informative Campaigns through posters, flyer and other informative materials.
  • Training plan monitoring.
  • Payment management of the training course.