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Fahrenheit consultors
provides legal defence and advice to companies, Mutual Prevention Companies, External Prevention Companies, Own Prevention Services, risk prevention technicians, freelancer and workers.. Equally, we advice in regard to labour matters trough administrative, civil and criminal channels, in relation to preventive obligations and responsibilities.
Igualmente asesoramos en materia laboral vía administrativa, civil y penal en relación con las obligaciones y responsabilidades en materia preventiva.

Our legal professionals

Our team is formed by specialists in preventive law. Their training and professional experience are specially developed in that subject. At the same time, they have extensive knowledge about the basic branches of law (administrative, civil, criminal, labour...)

Fahrenheit consultors
complete its legal team with a support adviser group, formed by Senior Technicians in Labour Risks Prevention, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Architects and Exceeded Work Inspectors; all of them with an extensive experience in the Labour Risks Prevention field. For those clients who request it, those professionals are also in charge of carrying out a Voluntary Audit,, according to R.D. 604/2006.

Technical Legal Advice Service:

• "Due dilligence" procedures:
Elaboration of Legal reports orientated to identify the level of preventive obligations fulfilment which are derived from the existing legislation and the associated responsibilities before potential unfulfilment.

• Service of representation and defence:
·         Representation, assistance and legal representation before the Inspectorate of Work and Social Security and the Regional Communities´safety and health institutes.
·         Written pleading elaboration before the different requirements and records of the Labour Authority.
·         Written pleading elaboration before the proposal of the Act because of infringements in the matter of Labour Security and Health.
·         Elaboration of resources through administrative channel (to higher courts and for reversal) before the resolutions pronounced by the Labour Authority.
·         Administrative proceedings in Social Security as a consequence of the Surcharge of Social Security Benefits because of the preventive rules´s infringement. (Art. 123 of the GSSL). It includes the elaboration of written pleading, resources through the administrative channel...
·         Analysis of the actions to be done by the company in case of serious or mortal accidents.
·         Assistance in judicial proceedings before Social, Contentious-Administrative, Civil and Criminal Jurisdictions in those accusations related with Labour Accidents and Social Security.

> Patricia Rueda is our expert in Legal Advice. See: Team of collaborators.