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Once the diagnosis phase is finished, and according to the obtained results, our professional team, in joint agreement with the company, will plan the preventive action in order to institute the corresponding corrective and preventive measures. At this point, many actions are to be done and, considering that the resources are limited, Fahrenheit consultors will dispose all its knowledge and experience in order to prioritize the actions to be performed. This must be done taking into account the Human Factor, as the critical variable, and also the efficiency criteria.

Taking into account the following objetives:

  1. MAXIMIZE the elimination/decrease of the risk.

  2. MINIMIZE its economic impact.



The rest of the preventive actions non-prioritised won´t be forgotten. They will be carrying out later, according to the main aim of constantly improving the work conditions.

The planning will be programmed for a determined period of time. In general, an Annual Plan of preventive actions is done, where quarterly and biannually calendars can be settled for concrete planned activities. Even some actions may exceed the annual limit because of the complexity or economic impact, etc. they implied.

Programmes of preventive measures´s execution and necessary protection.

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